Monday, August 17, 2015

School Lunch 101 - A Look Inside Benjamin's Lunchbox

This post is dedicated to all the moms out there trying to figure out what lunch/snack options to send their kiddos to school with. It's also dedicated to the stay at home moms that are in the lunch time rut and need a few fresh ideas to spruce things up. Occasionally, I'll post pictures over on my IG feed of the contents of Benjamin's lunchbox. Most often times, I get a handful of questions about what I pack and inquiries about recipe ideas to share. I thought this would be a good place to share that information as I know I am always curious as to what other moms pack for their kids lunches/snacks. Benjamin has been going to daycare since he was three months old. A few months later he started on fruit and veggie purees and I started making and sending those as well. Fast forward two years... and now we are well into the toddler food world. My motto on feeding wee ones is - variety! While we have main staples that I send in his lunch box everyday, I add variety consistently. Are their times when he doesn't care for what I've sent for him? Sure! My answer for that most often times it to keep sending it. Things he likes today, he's over tomorrow. His mind is a tornado at this age so I certainly don't give up when he tells me "mommy, me no like!" Most often times when I try again, it's a hit. This has allowed us to continue eating all of the wonderful variety of things in our home that we love without having to create additional meals every night for a super picky eater. 

When it comes to planning out the lunchbox meals for the week, I always try to incorporate our family meals as well. I share ingredients as much as possible and try to optimize our shopping. We don't like throwing away food in our family. To such a point, in fact, that I've dubbed my husband our "human garbage disposal." 

So here we go on our lunchbox adventure! I hope you find this the slightest bit helpful! 

The Main Categories I try to stick to: 
  • Yogurt 
  • Fruit 
  • Veggie 
  • Cheese 
  • Protein 
  • Grain/Carbs 
  • "Treat"/Snack/"Fun Food" 
On the Menu (Last Week/This Week): 

Yogurt - 1 4oz container each day, alternating flavors. We have been eating the Trader Joe's Organic yogurts in the following flavors: blueberry, vanilla, mango, peach, strawberry and banana. 

Cheese - 1 stick per day. This week I sent him with cheddar sticks. Last week I sent him with Colby jack sticks. 

Fruit - 1 4oz container of chopped fruit. I usually put two types of fruit in each container. This week was strawberries/raspberries and strawberries/donut peaches. Last week was strawberries/blueberries and blueberries/peaches. 

Veggies - 1 4oz container of steamed veggies. Benjamin is not a huge fan of raw veggies so I steam almost everything for him, but if your child likes raw veggies you can substitute those... which certainly makes for easier prep! Last week I alternated with fresh green beans and sweet potatoes. This week we are alternating between fresh green beans and broccoli. 

Main Lunch - Last week I alternated between homemade creamy broccoli mac+cheese and 1/2 chicken cutlet sandwich on 12 grain bread. This week I am alternating between whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, Parmesan + sausage (leftover from our sausage and peppers night) and Spanish rice + Mexican pork (leftover from our grilled stuffed burrito night). 

Lastly, I supplemented with alternating flavors of GoGo Squeez last week and homemade banana cinnamon whole wheat muffins this week. These mini muffins also fit perfectly in my favorite 2 oz containers (link below). 


I absolutely love love love these containers - both the 2oz and the 4oz.  We have had them for over 2 years and have never had to replace them. They are sturdy, affordable and best of all - dishwasher safe!! 

All contents of Benjamin's lunchbox must be labeled each and every day. To make it easier, I purchased dishwasher safe labels from Name Bubbles and labeled all of my 2oz and 4 oz containers. I use a piece of masking tape with his name hand written - on the yogurt, cheese stick and other pouches or baggies. 

There are a bazillion types of lunch boxes out there, but we personally love the lunch boxes from Pottery Barn that are personalized with their first name on the front. I purchase them during a sale that also includes free shipping! 

I'll be back in a few days to share a super simple baking time saver AND the recipe for the homemade banana cinnamon whole wheat muffins! So easy, nutritious... and tasty, too! 

Please feel free to leave me a comment or a message and let me know if there is anything you would like to see me elaborate on or cover in a future post. I'd love to hear from you!

PS:  This post is not sponsored, just a list of some of our favorite products.  A few Amazon affiliate links may be included.
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