Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Morsels - Instagram Edition

To say the past few weeks have been hectic, would not be doing them justice.  I am happy they are over and even more tired than I have ever been before.  Last week, Carl graduated from his leadership program that he has been working towards for the past two years.  We had some of his friends in the program over to celebrate and had a great time.  It was even nicer to have a relaxing Sunday with almost NO plans and I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my two favorite boys.  It was blissful and wonderful and my heart was happy.

Here are a few morsels from our sweet weekend.

Play, ball!?
Sleepyhead syndrome.
Snuggle smother sessions with my favorite little love.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies - a must!
Someone missed their daddy.
...and didn't want to leave his side.
Hearing sweet compliments about the custom wine themed bridal shower invitations for one of my favorite pals, Sam!
Armed and deliciously dangerous.
Ruff life.
Beautiful begonias.
You're not fooling anyone, Lebron.
Heat vs. Celtics + 4th Quarter = a real snoozer.
Over it.
Henry rules everything my Instagram!
Fondue date with my love.
Opposites attract. #ilovemycarbs #immarriedtoanalien

The last picture was too good not to share.  This is how a typical conversation goes in our house.  Sometimes I think I've married an alien from Veggietropolous. I mean seriously - cauliflower versus chocolate?! NO COMPARISION.
Anyone out there feel the same way I do?!

What did you do this weekend?  Whatever it was, I hope it was fun!

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Happy Monday!
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