Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life According to iPhone

The past few weeks have been crazy and hectic and exhausting.  I think I need a nap... or two... or three.  You may need one after this post too!  Here is a glimpse of life lately.

My sweet sweet hubs turned 27.  He also said, "Thank You!" no less than 27 times for this gift.

In appreciation, he gave me this lovely gift [insert horrible sinus infection here]!

I smooched this face 234809853 times.

I started my Carmex Lime Twist Detox which was a result of my lime skittle Lent imposed Detox.

We traveled to upstate NY to spend the Easter holiday with my family.

The Easter dog bunny paid us a visit.

...and after a LONG, LONG (and did I mention exceptionally LONG?) Lent - I finally got to eat some goodies.  I choose to stuff my face with these.

Followed by a little bit of this.

My Grandmother cooked for an army - including an 18lb ham for four people.

We finally got to steal away to see the Hunger Games. It was awesome [of course].  If you haven't read the books, go do it now. And as in now, I mean right now.

I took up crocheting again and I forgot how much I love it!  I feel like this is such a lost craft for my generation.

The Easter dog bunny was very tired after all the holiday celebrations.

We celebrated Carl's birthday with my sister and her husband.  I made Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta.  It had lots of cream in it.  It was tasty.

I smooched this face another 234809853 times.
NOTE - the lack of sleep for me is definitely starting to show!

The Boston marathon prep started...

Carl's family came to visit for a long weekend.

I made these Thin Mint Gooey Cake Bars from Picky-Palate and they were scrumdiddlyumptious!

We celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday. Hi, Andrea!

Fit in a few minutes of relaxing in what Carl dubs "one of the best inventions on earth!"

Played tourist in our own city.  Meet MC Quack Quack.

And cheered this handsome fella on in his marathon.

I cannot even express how happy I am for Carl and his accomplishment in the Boston Marathon.  I admire his dedication immensely and my heart is so full of love for him.

He came in 140th overall out of 21,554 people that finished. I am SO happy to have been by his side.  Thank you to all the friends and family that came out to show their support, I know it meant a lot to him.  Until next year...

WHEW!  Are you ready for a nap now?

We have a busy few days ahead as our good friends are tying the knot.  Carl is in the wedding so I definitely plan on taking lots of pictures.  I'll be making some of my fudgy brownies for the groomsmen to enjoy while they get ready - so stay tuned for that recipe to come at the end of the weekend.

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  1. Alyssa Cerini SchererApril 19, 2012 at 11:01 AM

    Wow that does deserve a nap... or two... or three, lol! Looks like you are a wonderful wifey! Carl is a very lucky man :)


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