Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

A little over a month ago, Carl and I got some family pictures done with Henry in the Boston Public Garden.  It's hard to believe that we have not had any formal family photos done with Henry for the past four+ years that he has been on this earth.  Now that our little family is soon to expand to four - we wanted the capture a few photos with our fur baby.

Morgan - the genius behind the blog xoxome - just formally started her own photography business and she generously offered to do these pictures free of charge during the month of September.  Not only is she a beautiful person on the outside - she is just as gorgeous on the inside.  She was a DELIGHT to work with and really made us feel at ease [we both hate getting photos taken].  I was absolutely smitten when I got these pictures and saw her work come to life.  She really is ONE. TALENTED. GAL. 

I cannot express in words how wonderful these pictures came out, so I'm just going to let you see for yourself!  All I can say is that she captured EXACTLY what I wanted her too - the love that Carl and I have for Henry.  Add the fact that little baby H was four months growing in my belly for these shots and my heart just might explode.  I have been blessed by the good Lord and I know I am definitely a lucky lady.  I am so grateful to Morgan for allowing me to have these gorgeous photos to look back on for years to come.

and because I just couldn't help myself...

This last one will MOST DEFINITELY be featured in little baby H's nursery.  My heart be still. xoxo.

If you live in the Boston area (or even outside the Boston area) - go check out Morgan Lee Photography.  She specializes in a variety of photography and is also available for travel.  You can check out her website here, her blog here and her Facebook page here.

Thank you so so much again to Morgan - you are the best! I can't wait for my maternity shoot in December!
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  1. Ohhhhh my goodness. You guys are just. TOO. CUTE!! :D! I had all these wonderful happiness tingles and the biggest smile on my face while looking at this great collection of photos. Great job to your photographer! What a photogenic family you have! Give my hugs and kisses to adorable and handsome Henry! <3!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! You are such a sweetheart. You literally brought tears to my eyes! I am so so happy that you like the pictures! Can't wait for December!! :)


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